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Since we specialize in sharing information about jails, felonies, rehab centers, attorneys and DUI's, we frequently receive questions from people who want to know if they have an outstanding warrant.

Find arrest warrants for free
This is tricky because there is not one central database of all outstanding warrants across the country. Usually these are stored at the county level. Some counties open these up to the public through the internet, but usually they don't do this.

In most cases you will need to actually go down to the court and ask them if you have a warrant - of course, the risk you run by doing this is they will arrest you on the spot if you do have a warrant.

You may be able to call in and find out if you have an outstanding warrant - you will just have to try calling the court or police department that you suspect issued the warrant. Some counties will allow them to disclose warrant information over the phone, others do not.

A better way to find out if you have warrants (not free)
One of the problems with calling all the police departments or courts in the counties that you suspect you have a warrant in is there is a possibility you won't find all of the outstanding warrants in all counties. The worst thing that can happen when you resolve one warrant is finding out that there are more that you didn't know about.

The best thing that you can do is do an Instant Background Check on yourself. This isn't free (it costs $40-50), but considering the money it could save you in the long-run the money is usually well worth it for anybody who has a criminal record or suspects they may have a warrant.

The instant background check will show you outstanding warrants (as well as criminal history, etc.). The other benefit of this is it allows you to see yourself as other people doing a background check will see you - so if you are going in to an interview or applying for a loan, you will see what your prospective employer or the credit loan company will see when they perform a background check.

By the way, some people are scared of doing a background check on themselves because they are scared of what they will find out. Just remember, whether you know what's on your criminal record or not , it is still there. By finding out what information is available to others you can make smarter decisions about your future - also, a lot of times people are pleasantly surprised that some of their charges are not showing up. This can put you at peace if you are stressed out about that.

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